The Beauty Of Video Games Vol.5

We all have made a list that contains our favorite characters in entertainment. From video games to international films, we all got a top 10, 50 or more. No matter if it is attached to one portion of media, we know who our icons are and who we respect. Video games may be one of the biggest lists since there are years and decades of games from multiple platforms to choose from. You can see the power of Mario on majority list that could also contain Link, Samus, Kratos, Lara Croft, Master Chief, and even a well-known pokemon named Pikachu.

Though we all know these with ease and cherish an abundance of characters, we typically forget a certain type of personalities and characteristic that help them become who they are. The cause for the journey, adventure, quest, and even social connectivity. It wouldn’t be worth anything if we didn’t engage or have the situation be released upon them.

In the past years, The Beauty Of Video Games only focuses mostly on video games. I touched on the three big companies, handhelds and pc, genres, and last year’s The Art Of The Character. This time, I decided to open the celebration to all media. As it was happening and all the good and great things were being praised, I decided to do something a little…evil.

This time, I am celebrating the darkness that comes along with the light.

Welcome to The Beauty Of Video Games Volume 5: Feeling Villainous! I and my special guest will be celebrating all things evil. From video games to even some in real life. Without their plans to destroy the world, kidnap a princess, bring chaos and death, or even fighting with one’s mind, villains provide the anger, hatred, trickery, and more to have something benefitting them and make them feel as powerful they believe themselves to be.

So join me on this destructive ride of celebration as I talk about some favorite, odd, and personal villains of mine!

Let’s get down and dirty with The Beauty Of Video Games Vol. 5: Feeling Villainous