Different Mediums Depict Different Madness

How The Madness Changes Based on Medium

Edward Varnell – Twitter: @thatretrocode

In the world of entertainment, we have a lot of choices for us to indulge in. From TV to Stage plays, comics to movies, video games to VR, the options are growing as technology advances. Though one thing separates them all. It’s what is depicted and allowed in that particular medium. The restrictions, rules, censorship, and even ratings play a part in the villains we love to lose or want to win. There are some that spread universal in each medium but that depends on the plot that is set up.

For instance, rape isn’t allowed in video games. Even in AO rated games. This devious sexual act wouldn’t be good for business and the console and PC developers who have a platform that delivers national entertainment to many. It can affect many and the visuals of it wouldn’t be right for children to witness and those who have been through the horrific act. Plus the moral of a business making a profit off it just wouldn’t sit well.

In movies and adult comics, you can have the implication due to editing and story and character development. It’s not actually there but for what it does for the characters and the villains, it plays a part of a motive. It can be revenge, how the criminal came to be, or just psychotic.

Murder even has different levels. In games, you see various ways of fatalities. In TV, unless its a premium channel, TV shows have to be careful what will be seen. Angles and makeup are significant on what will be allowed before the stories play out. When we get to the villain or guilty person, we may get flashbacks while the answer is being spoken and the criminal reveals their motive. In certain video games, we can mow down anyone and anything. We have open-world sandbox games where murderous intent and chaos comes with a cost, we are allowed to go that kind of a rampage.

We have a game like Hatred, where your goal is to kill as many innocents as you can. In other mediums, that may be too much and especially when its a big problem here in America. Even shooting a club may be something due to the Pulse shooting. Why are these things allowed? It’s seen as an artistic vision to set up the fictional story. It helps create the villains we will fight.

Kidnapping, as old as this cliche plot line is used, has different ramifications to it. Kidnapping games are seen as the Bowser and Peach story line while movies can use it in horror, thrillers, comedy, action, musicals, and more. Depending on how they handle it, not many other mediums change it up like movies.

So when your watching your favorite movie or show, playing that game of the year IP, or reading some good graphic novel, each will show us the villains committing acts in their own way that can be done. Whether we like it or not, the villain will be the one to watch. How it all unfolds is up to the depiction of that medium. Horrible or fun, it’ll be a wild ride.