Should Villains Have More Success?

Why Does The Villain Always Lose?

Edward Varnell – Twitter: @thatretrocode

In a lot of horror stories, villains or the supernatural would end up dying, being caught, or evaporated. In comic book movies, we know that villain will lose and the hero will overcome its faults and win the day. For some, it’s always a great ending when the protagonist comes out looking the best. Unless there are a twist, our villain and the henchmen always coming out unsuccessful.

Though when a villain does succeed and kill the teens or family, gets away with the money or crime, or still has life in them for another go-round, it feels thrilling. To know that it ain’t over for them or their crazy plan work, its good to hypothesize what can they do in the next one.

There needs to be more. The more insanity the villains can get away with, the more we’ll come back to see what they’ll have in their sleeve. If characters are written to take in part of something dangerous to find out the truth, they deserve to go through the trials to survive. Nothing like more chasing or more choreograph scenes to see how this evil genius can bring more mayhem to stop and end the opponent. There’s a delight to it.

Even in video games, we may be left with a cliffhanger for a game although the criminal has lost. Seeing that their part was just a small portion of a bigger plan, it would’ve been awesome if more games showed the big boss came away with the upper hand over you. Knowing what affects the character, a sequel can lead to the protagonist trying again. It can also lead to another win for the villain.

It’s easier for horror movies to have the killer coming out alive but most of that time, that is due to a twist at the end. If no follow up happens, then we know that the outcome is what it is and the villain got what they want. If that can happen more, it would be worth a watch again to yell at the movie knowing good and well how it will turn out.

So let us see them have more success. Let them become king. Let’s see their vision of society. Will it work? Who knows. It’ll be a deadly time though to know what it turned out to be.