Thank You PlayStation 4

Dear Playstation 4,

Today I am writing this letter to say thank you. Thank you for being my favorite console to date. Thank you for being the console that pushed creativity to new levels and showcased the most breathtaking worlds. When I look back at your life cycle, I will remember the moments of slaying monsters with Geralt or swinging around New York trying to stop the Sinister Six from taking over. I will remember you for the moments of discovery, like when I came across my first Cauldron in Horizon, or when I learned what Atreus’s real name is. 

You were the console that pushed gaming into a completely new world, and, for that, I am forever grateful. The late nights where I needed an escape, you were there. You taught me a lot about myself in seven years. You brought me friends from all over the world; you showed me that gaming can make a real impact on this world. I have learned so much from the games of this generation, in God of War I learned to not just be sorry but to be better. Concrete Genie taught me that it’s okay to be weird, everyone has their own light and sometimes you have to just let it shine! Thank you for being the very best that you could be; you have served this generation well.

Tomorrow, the world will get to see your next generation, and it’s a big moment in gaming history. In a year where nothing really made sense, where politics and Corona ruled the news cycles, gamers found a way to come together and create new memories. Thank you for teaching us to be better—to ourselves and to our fellow gamers. 

Thank you, Playstation 4.


Logan Corkins