Top 10 Limited Edition Hardware

Over the years, gaming companies have issued limited edition consoles that are released with a game. Due to my love of art and bold use of colors, there are so many well-designed limited edition artistic gaming systems that I appreciate. Here are my top 10 limited edition consoles.

10. Marvel Spider-Man PS4 Pro

Insomniac's Spider-Man gets a PS4 bundle, game goes gold. | Game It All

The limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro has a sleek and clean red palette with the traditional Spider-Man logo. With the the PS logo directly on the system’s normal black paint, this console showcases that you can have a powerful system with an appealing look for any Marvel fan or gamer.

9. Pokemon New Nintendo 2DS XL

The PokéBall New Nintendo 2DS XL Is up for Pre-Order Now | USgamer

I actually have this one and what’s awesome about it is that the button in the middle can be pressed like a pokeball. While the pokeball doesn’t do anything and you can open the system like normal, it’s a cool touch to give it an authentic feel to the pokeball design.

8. Call Of Duty: Advance Warfare Xbox One on Twitter | Call of duty, Xbox one console, Xbox one

The design of this Xbox One is breathtaking. I love the color scheme and detail of the black triangles and the gold helmet on the black ventilation. I appreciate the gold metal of the disc drive on the smooth gray material. It takes the basic first edition of the Xbox One to another level of beauty and showcases that the Xbox One can look sleek with creative designs.

7. Gears Of War 4 Xbox One S

Review | Gears of War 4 Limited Edition Xbox One S - Mandatory

The Gears Of War 4 Xbox One Slim is a marvel of a system. The dark blood stained plaster around the console with its scratch mark and Gears logo on the ventilation and the controller gives the console a more hard core aesthetic to it.

6. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Switch

Nintendo unveils Super Smash Bros. Ultimate-themed Switch console -

Some may call this a slap-on decal design of the Switch but I think it’s more creative than that. Having Smash Bros. characters on each side, it looks appealing with the various grays of the box artwork and a lot of people got excited to snag this version along with the game. The simple cross line to represent the Smash ball may be less interesting, but it’s a nice touch when you put them in the Joy-Con Grip to see the full logo.

5. Halo 4 Xbox 360

Halo 4 Limited Edition Xbox 360 Bundle Unboxing (Halo 4 Bundle) - YouTube

Now if this doesn’t scream Metroid Prime, I don’t know what to tell you. The Halo 4 XBox 360 is a beauty in its color and pattern placement. The artwork on the system and controller have a nice gloss and shine to it with the Halo 4 printed underneath the controller as the blue and silver just looks stunning.

4. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 3DS XL New Nintendo 3DS XL Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Edition: Video  Games

One of the hardest 3DS systems to find was the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate edition upon its release. The Silver Marble outside with the blue dragon logo is a masterpiece of work for the 3DS line. It rivals some of the other 3DS handhelds that came to the market. If you own one or had a chance to buy one, know that it a marvel to look at and hold.

3. Super Mario 25th Anniversary Wii Edition

Nintendo Nintendo Wii Console (Red) with Wii Sports and New Super Mario  Bros. Wii Red RVLSRAAK - Best Buy

This stunning Super Mario Anniversary red Wii system had a beautiful gloss to it that made the light blue inside the system that gave the chic Wii design an extra push. So clean and polished, many of us wish that the system had stayed red to represent Nintendo and have us buying another Wii, so that we can have it complement our TV. One of Nintendo’s finest designs.

2. Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter Rise special edition Switch and Pro controller are coming  this March | GamesRadar+

The Monster Hunter Nintendo Switch is my favorite design out of the Switch Family (and of all Monster Hunter hardware editions). The detail on the dock and joy-cons, along with the gold artwork on the sides, captivates the eye’s focus so that you want it more and more. Although the Playstation 4 Monster Hunter World Edition is awesome, this one stands miles ahead of it.

  1. Destiny: The Taken King PlayStation 4
Limited edition Destiny: The Taken King PS4 announced - Gameplanet New  Zealand

How can I even describe this work of art. LOOK AT IT! Perfect in every way with the fine details and the gold plate in the middle. The blue, that PlayStation 4 is known for, gives this console the number one spot. It’s one of the best designed limited editions ever in console history. I don’t know if it can be topped.

That, everyone is my top 10 limited edition hardware! Did you enjoy my list? Did I miss any? Let us know in the comment section.

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