Boss Rush Banter: Will You Buy Monster Hunter Rise?

My simple answer is yes, but let’s take a quick look at why.

Capcom is a member of a shrinking club in the video game industry: major game developers from the 80’s that are still in business today. They’ve brought gamers heavy hitting franchises such as Resident Evil, Mega Man, Street Fighter, and Devil May Cry. But of all these mega-hits that Capcom has produced, there’s one of their franchises that couldn’t escape falling into a niche following in North America–the Monster Hunter franchise. However, all of that changed in 2018 with Monster Hunter World. With the rising popularity of Monster Hunter in the West, fans are looking forward to the release of Monster Hunter Rise on 3/26/21.

For the uninitiated, or for those curious about what Monster Hunter is like and how the gameplay works, the franchise is built upon an action-RPG progression curve and gameplay loop: fight monsters, get loot, grow more powerful. Lather, rinse, and repeat. Although that concept is nothing new, it’s the way the game executes this loop that gives it a unique appeal.

Each monster is akin to a boss in other games. Every single one requires a unique strategy to defeat in battle, and each sports its own individual behaviors — this includes specific ways of utilizing the environment to give you the slip.

Fighting all of these monsters effectively requires the player to study them as individual creatures to understand which strategies will be most effective to take them down. For example, attacking specific parts of the monster will chip away at its health, or may weaken them in preparation for a follow-up encounter later. Success is defined as either an outright kill, or using traps to capture the monster for more loot.

Traditionally action RPGs have two basic forms of combat –melee and ranged–which players can then build off of to gain unique abilities. However, in Monster Hunter Rise players will have the choice of 14 different weapons that are completely different in their moment to moment usage. Players can wield a great-sword for mega damage, (or you could be like me and use the sword and shield for quick hits while being able to block); regardless, options abound for hunters to strategize and customize.

Online gameplay during the demo felt very smooth, and it’s extremely fun to play with your mates. With the enhanced graphics, great online play, all new monsters to hunt, and a unique combat style, will Monster Hunter Rise entice you to buy the game on day 1? Share your reactions in the comments below or in our #monster-hunter channel on our Discord!

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