Chill with this Snowball Park Piano Cover from Super Mario 3D World

NintenMusic has released a new piano cover of music from Super Mario 3D World; this time it’s World 3-1 “Snowball Park”. The level is the first time players can access the Tanooki Suit, Kuribo’s Skate, and the Helicopter Block. Among the many reasons this song is worth a piano cover, NintenMusic mentions the music from Snowball park as “probably my favorite snow level theme from all of the Mario games.”

The YouTube channel from NintenMusic features a wide range of video game music. Those interested can request covers of specific songs and get access to video game sheet music at a discounted rate by joining the NintenMusic Patreon.

Tell us what you think! Did you enjoy this piano cover of “Snowball Park Theme” from Super Mario 3D World? What songs would you like to see NintenMusic cover next? Share your reactions in the comments below or join the conversation in our Discord.

Image Source: NintenMusic

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