Boss Rush Banter: Is remaking The Last of Us a good idea?

Naughty Dog is working on a remake of The Last of Us according to a new report this morning from Bloomberg. This seems a little soon doesn’t it?

The focus on this piece was not about The Last of Us, but it was more about how Bend Studio, a “rising star” who made Days Gone, was almost borderline absorbed into Naughty Dog. They were primarily working on a new Uncharted and the multiplayer game; Days Gone, despite being profitable, does not appear to be getting a sequel from the team. Since the report, Jason Schreier has Tweeted that he does not know if the Uncharted game is still in development.

The overall gist of the piece is that Sony’s relentless focus on mega-hit blockbusters is creating some tension. Another new group was meant to be a development studio pitched a solo game, but it wasn’t impressive enough, and they were put on a The Last of Us remake instead.

Does The Last of Us even need a remake though? I personally have port and remake fatigue, and with this game being less than 8 years old will this really make a difference for me? Probably not.

The Last of Us was developed via the in-house engine, the “Proprietary Engine,” so with an updated engine this game can look drastically different.

What would you like to see out of Naughty Dog? Would you like to see something new or are you looking forward to this remake? Let us know in the comments section or in our Discord!

Source: Bloomberg

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