MLB Power Rankings

Spring is here, and the sounds of baseball has returned! Each week during the Major League Baseball season the crew at Trash Talk (sports voice of Boss Rush Entertainment) will release Power Rankings for all 30 teams. Where does your team rank? Check below and leave a comment or send some trash talk to our twitter page @BossRushNetwork or @TrashTalkBRG!

  1. Houston Astros
  2. Cincinnati Reds
  3. Philadelphia Phillies
  4. Los Angeles Dodgers
  5. St Louis Cardinals
  6. Minnesota Twins
  7. Anaheim Angels
  8. San Diego Padres
  9. Baltimore Orioles
  10. Boston Red Sox
  11. Chicago Cubs
  12. Chicago White Sox
  13. New York Yankees
  14. Toronto Blue Jays
  15. San Fransisco Giants
  16. Seattle Mariners
  17. Milwaukee Brewers
  18. Colorado Rockies
  19. Detroit Tigers
  20. Cleveland Indians
  21. Kansas City Royals
  22. New York Mets
  23. Texas Rangers
  24. Washington Nationals
  25. Tampa Bay Rays
  26. Arizona Diamond Backs
  27. Atlanta Braves
  28. Pittsburgh Pirates
  29. Miami Marlins
  30. Oakland Athletics

Top 5

As much as baseball fans hate the Houston Astros, they have started the 2021 season on fire, tied with the Reds for the best run differential in baseball. Cincinnati has shocked the NL Central with their bats; they lead the MLB with 57 runs scored. The Dodgers are about as competitive as we expected, but they had a few issues against division rival Colorado Rockies in the opening series; otherwise they have been great! Philly fans, you might want to believe in this team: the Phillies have one of the easiest paths to a division title–and from their quick start, it looks promising in Philadelphia.

Bottom Top 10

The Anaheim Angels are one of the most intriguing teams in baseball; rumors are circulating that skipper Joe Madden might use the DH this year for a player other than the pitcher (of course this only happens if Ohtani is pitching), which would be an MLB first. San Diego has shown a few early struggles, and if the injury for Tatis Jr. becomes more severe, the Padres could be in trouble. Boston has gotten off to a decent start considering their roster is a bit of a mystery. The Red Sox have to be more consistent at the plate and get some run support for their starting pitchers. Baltimore is in first place in the AL East, but their pitching has to improve.

Middle of the Pack

To the Trash Talk fans that know I am a little bit biased, I tried my hardest not to be with the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs are a up and down team, but they need consistent starting pitching beyond Jake Arietta. Milwaukee is a team on the rise, and their starting pitching is a huge reason why they will be a threat to the NL Central this year, but their bats could use a bit of help–the upside is definitely there for the Brewers. The New York Yankees are really missing starting first baseman Luke Voit, who went down at the end of spring training. The Yankees could really use consistency in every part of their game; however, this could just be a slow start for the New York Yankees. Detroit had a great opening series against the Indians, but since have had their struggles; the Indians are in a spot where they need to improve on the batting side of things.

The Bottom 10

Kansas City began their season with a wild series against the Rangers. The bats are alive at Kauffman stadium; however their starting pitching has been horrific. Atlanta needs some help all over: their bullpen in particular has really struggled to get wins late in games for the Braves. Pittsburgh has the curse of having to play their division in three different series to open the season; once the Pirates hit the middle of the month, I think they will find a little bit of a groove. Every year it feels like we give Oakland the benefit of the doubt, but the Athletics are downright awful to begin the 2021 season. Can this team turn it around? We will definitely keep an eye on all things in the MLB.

Next Saturday keep an eye out for the next updated list, where will your favorite team be in the rankings? For all things gaming, sports, and entertainment keep it right here on the Boss Rush Network!

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