Letter from the Editor (Boss Rush Entertainment)

Boss Rush Entertainment

Welcome to a letter from the editor, my name is Logan Corkins and I run the entertainment side of the Boss Rush Network. In August of 2020, Corey Dirrig (Co-Founder of Boss Rush) welcomed me to the team with open arms, and I am so grateful to be a part of the amazing team that we have here at Boss Rush. In October of 2020, my team from LAN Party joined Boss Rush and we created Boss Rush Entertainment. BRE is a place that exists to inspire, throughout our years of making content LAN Party has strived to be a place where we can spread hope and try to make the world a better place.

This weekend for the first time ever LAN Party came together in person to share some laughs, make some content, and of course celebrate 2 years of making content together. During our live stream, on Saturday we made several announcements about all of the content we will be making at Boss Rush Entertainment, and I wanted to go a little bit further in-depth. Below are all the awesome things coming soon to Boss Rush Entertainment:

New Members

We have added two new contributors to Boss Rush Entertainment!

First up we have Cale Michael, Cale has been on the LAN Party Podcast several times and he always gets the conversation moving. Cale is not only an incredible writer but one of the most amazing human beings on the planet. Cale will be on the LAN Party Podcast and working with me on a new series that is talked about a little later on in this article. 

I am so excited to bring back an old friend to the channel, Thomas Cordray has joined BRE! Thomas was a regular on LAN Party back in 2019, and we are so pumped to bring him back to the channel! Thomas will be the third chair on Rope Talk (wrestling voice of Boss Rush Entertainment), he will be a regular on Trash Talk and will be featured on the LAN Party Podcast. Thomas is also going to lend us his writing talents on pieces for http://www.bossrushgames.com!

Cue List

Cue List: The Office featuring Nerd Generalist and FRXZY was a HUGE success and we absolutely loved creating 8 episodes talking about The Office. I announced back in March that we would release Cue List: Godzilla starting in April, unfortunately, due to scheduling we are pushing Cue List back to May! May 3rd, wherever you get your podcast we will unleash the Beast as Nick Liggett and I will be breaking down the Monster Universe! Cue List: Godzilla will go the entire month of May, in four episodes that we are positive you will love! 

Beginning June 7th, Cue List will be starting a trek through the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Each Monday we will talk and break down a different movie in the MCU and it will feature a rotating cast ranging from both Boss Rush Entertainment to Boss Rush Games members! 

Trash Talk

Trash Talk will make an early return as we kick off season 3 on June 4th! Each week a rotating cast will bring you the latest news in the sports world. 

Rope Talk

Rope Talk is on absolute fire and we want to keep the momentum going, beginning May 30th at Double or Nothing; Rope Talk is covering All Elite Wrestling! The Saturday before a pay-per-view joins us as we break down every WWE & AEW Pay-Per-View! During the Pay-Per-View itself join us as Rope Talk Reacts live on twitch.tv/lanpartyonbrg! 

We are welcoming a new wrestling show to the BRE family, Rope Talk Rewind is coming May 1st! Rope Talk Rewind is where we will go back and watch an older WWE pay-per-view and review it as if it just happened! I can’t wait for you to check this show out!

Cooking for Gamers

If you have ever listened to any of the BRE content you know that I love food, and while eating is my favorite way to enjoy food I also love cooking! Later this summer I will release an 8 episode mini-series called “Cooking for Gamers” where I use gamer’s favorite ingredients to make seriously delicious recipes. CFG will feature recipes likes Cosmic Brownie Ribs, Cheeto Quiche, and Captain Crunch Muffins. We are aiming to release Cooking for Gamers in the early part of August! 

BRE Game Night (formally known as LAN Party Game Night)

BRE Game Night is where we come together to play games, but to also share some laughs. Starting in May, Cale and I will be doing a play through of “Marvel’s Avengers” on PS4. Each night we will try our hardest to make you laugh, have some fun, and hopefully not embarrass ourselves on stream. Check the Boss Rush Network Twitter account each Monday to find out our streaming schedule for the week and watch us live on twitch.tv/lanpartyonbrg

Planet Comic-Con

In August, the Boss Rush Entertainment crew will gather together in Kansas City for Planet Comic-Con! We have been invited to do 51 minutes of random awesomeness in our first ever panel. Tickets will be required to get in, and we will give you more information as it becomes available to us, this is one panel you are not going to want to miss!

Thank you to everyone who consumes our content and who help make it possible. We have built an absolutely incredible team here at Boss Rush and I am so proud to be a part of it! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to comment below or send me a DM on Twitter!

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