Sony Reverses Its Decision on Closing PlayStation 3 and Vita Stores

Sony announced via the PlayStation Blog today that they are reversing their decision to close the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita online stores. The news, while shocking, comes after many fans of the classic PlayStation systems voiced their concerns on social media. Fans were upset that Sony would pull the plug on an online system that redefined the generation of gaming when it released back in 2006. PlayStation 3 still has a strong presence of users going back to the console and Vita has always had a special place in PlayStation fans’ hearts.

This move is a smart one for Sony to make particularly because of the lack of backwards compatibility available in the PlayStation ecosystem. Short term, this a move that satisfies PlayStation users; long term this buys Sony a little bit of time. Sony has yet to make any big announcements so far in 2021 (aside from the next generation of VR), leading some fans to believe that big projects like God of War Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West have been significantly delayed. Sony still has work to be done and communication needs to improve to their consumers. Today’s news feels like Sony giving a small token of their appreciation but there is still work to be done!

Source: Sony

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