Be More. Be Better. Be You.

This past week on the Boss Rush Podcast, our Co-Founder and boss Corey Dirrig talked about community, and it had me thinking; “What do we need to see in our community?”. Today I want to share a few of my thoughts about what we can do together to build a community that we are proud of.

We are in a position where Boss Rush is growing faster than we could have imagined, which is awesome because we’ve been working with so many great people as well as building a community that showcases the best of the network. Let’s dive into some things that will make our community phenomenal.


Everyone wants to feel accepted; everyone wants to feel like they belong somewhere special. I think Boss Rush has been great at accepting people from all walks of life, sexual orientations, races, and it’s been a huge part of our voice. Everyone is welcomed at Boss Rush, all we ask is that you be respectful and don’t be a jerk. If you look at the Boss Rush group chats on any given day, you will more than likely see a discussion with varying perspectives being shared. Every day we have discussions where not everyone sees eye to eye, but everyone is respectful, no one is calling someone a moron just because they don’t think the same. In this community all views are welcomed, different opinions can help form new perspectives and broaden our horizons. 


Humans make mistakes, it’s within our DNA to make mistakes and to learn from them. As a leader I fail every single day; there are days I forget to post episodes on time, or I submit an article really late at night. Mistakes are going to happen, and we can either learn from them or dwell on them. I choose to learn from my mistakes, and try to constantly be in the pursuit of being better. If you as a member of the community see us making mistakes that you think go against who we are, then we want to know! As much as we like to keep each other in check, occasionally we need an outside voice to keep us in check. 


The most important thing that I have to stress is that we want to form new friendships. If it weren’t for the Kind Funny Facebook group I never would have met Austin Campbell (Co-Founder of LAN Party, Co-Host of CrossRoads) and probably wouldn’t be making content. Online communities have a great way of bringing people together to collaborate and form new relationships. Put yourself out there in the communities you engage with, and try to meet new people, you never know where you might find your best friend. 

At the end of the day, we just want to help live out our mission of “Be More. Be Better. Be You”. We hope you feel welcomed and safe in our community; this is a place for everyone. Thanks for reading!

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