MLB Power Rankings: May Recap

Welcome to another week of MLB Power Rankings! It is finally time to recap the month of May. May has seen plenty of action with huge pitching performances, the return of Aaron Judge at the plate, and the dumbest baseball play I have ever seen. At the end of this ranking look for the MVPs for the month of May. Let’s get to ranking.

  1. San Diego Padres (+3)

The Padres deserve the top spot this week, simply because they are on absolute fire. Tatis Jr. has gone off at the plate, and the pitching has been fierce. The NL West is so intriguing that you can’t take your eyes off the action; speaking of the NL West take a look at who finally climbed back up to #2.

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers (+5)

Well well well, look who finally decided to dominate again. It was a rough three weeks for the Dodgers but as the team has gotten healthier the team has gotten better. Cody Bellinger should make his return next week, so the Dodgers will finally be 90% healthy for the first time since the start of the season. 

  1. Tampa Bay Rays (+6)

The Rays went on an 11 game winning streak (yes the Royals ended it, yes I jumped up screaming when they won) and have been absolutely incredible so far this season. The Rays are unique in the sense that they are an island of misfit players, so most of their players won’t be huge household names, but they find ways to win games. 

  1. San Francisco Giants (-3)

Three teams from the NL West in the top 5 is just awesome. I think the West will be a race that fights right up until the end of the season. The Giants may be out in some MLB expert’s opinions, but I am still buying that these Giants are for real. 

  1. Boston Red Sox (-2)

Low key loving the AL East again, we’ve talked about how the Yankees resurgence is good for baseball, but the Red Sox being good just adds extra to that level. 

  1. Chicago White Sox (-4)

White Sox took a step back this week after they got swept by the Yankees, I’m really not sure what to think about that. On one hand, I want to think that the Yankees are just really good, and got the better of the White Sox. On the other hand, the White Sox looked awful in that sweep. Time will tell with how we should feel about the White Sox. 

  1. New York Yankees (+3)

The Yankees had a HUGE sweep against the White Sox, and that puts them into a great position going into June where they will face the Red Sox. 

  1. Oakland Athletics (-)
  2. Cleveland Indians (+2)
  3. St. Louis Cardinals (-4)
  4. Chicago Cubs (+3)

The Chicago Cubs are on absolute fire. They’re winners of ten of their last twelve games, and they just swept the Pirates. Starting pitching is still a concern for the Cubs, as no pitcher has a below 4.00 ERA, but if the bats can give the support then the Cubs will continue to win games. I, like many Cubs, am growing out a mustache to show support for our Lord and Savior Andrew Chafin (look at his glorious mustache). 

  1. Houston Astros (-7)
  2. New York Mets (-)
  3. Toronto Blue Jays (-2)
  4. Milwaukee Brewers (+1)

I’ll give the Brewers one more week of medicore play before throwing up the caution flag. Within the last two weeks, the Brewers have gone from a positive run differential to a negative run differential. 

  1. Philadelphia Phillies (-1)
  2. Miami Marlins (+2)
  3. Atlanta Braves (+2)

The NL East is a garbage truck on fire, and I am all for it. 

  1. Kansas City Royals (-1)
  2. Seattle Mariners (-3)
  3. Cincinnati Reds (-)

It bewilders me that experts think that the Reds are going to be buyers at the trade deadline. There isn’t anything going on in Cincinnati that I think warrants them to be aggressive in July. 

  1. Los Angeles Angels (+1)
  2. Texas Rangers (+2)
  3. Washington Nationals (-2)
  4. Minnesota Twins (+5)

There is a chance that the Twins go back to be a .500 team before the All-Star break. The Twins have two series against the Royals and a series against the Tigers, if they can manage a couple of sweeps they put themselves back into contention down the stretch. 

  1. Detroit Tigers (+2)
  2. Colorado Rockies (+2)
  3. Baltimore Orioles (-1)
  4. Arizona Diamondbacks (-3)
  5. Pittsburgh Pirates (-6)

Normally I don’t mention teams that fall to the bottom of the rankings, but this week I had to make an exception. Pirates got swept by the Cubs this week and in the series finale, the Pirates made one of the dumbest plays I have ever seen in baseball. I think we can use this play as a metaphor for how this season is going for the Pirates. We use the phrase “Be More, Be Better” on Boss Rush Entertainment, and this needs to become the phrase that the Pirates clubhouse embraces. 

The month of May MVPs

American League: Aaron Judge

The return of Aaron Judge at the plate has been a huge plus for a Yankees team that struggled with identity issues to kick the season off. Judge is hitting .307 with 13 HRs and I think he deserves to be in the MVP conversation. 

National League: Fernando Tatis Jr. 

The Padres currently sit atop of the NL West, and that doesn’t happen without Tatis catching fire as he did in the month of May. Tatis is my pick for MVP right now and I can’t wait to see how he finishes this season.

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