HSMTMTS Review: Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air Wildcats; this week on a brand new episode of High School Musical The Musical The Series the cast felt all the love as they began working on the spring musical. Instead of a big recap like I would normally do, I want to focus on the two big topics this episode discussed: acceptance and distance. 


This week we saw how being in a long-distance relationship is really starting to take a toll on Nini and Ricky. Relationships are hard — plain and simple relationships take constant work and communication to make last. Nini and Ricky were completely out of sync in this episode, and it opened the door for Gina to step in. Side note: I have always been more of a fan of Gina than I have Nini, for the simple fact that I can relate to Gina. Ricky is going to be faced with a really tough choice later this season, stay with Nini the girl he has fought to get back or start something new (HSM Easter egg of the week) with Gina. I think a lot of us can relate to this situation, maybe not in a relationship, but we constantly have to choose to go after something new and exciting, or stay and work for something that could last. If any good can come out of a long-distance relationship it has to be the new original song that Ricky and Nini sang over voicemails to each other. Who do you think Ricky will choose: Nini or Gina?


I have been vocal in saying that Julia Lester is the star of this season, this episode is yet another testament to why. Julia’s character Ashlyn has been cast as Belle in the spring production of Beauty and the Beast. In this episode, we see Ashlyn struggle with self-worth and body image as she gets set to put her own unique spin on the classic fairytale princess. Ashlyn is seen in a few very humanizing moments where she reflects on how she doesn’t look anything like the iconic character. It’s in these moments that Ashlyn finds hope in the form of our unlikely hero Big Red. Big Red steps up at the moment that he needs to and becomes the hero Ashlyn finds comfort in. To her credit, Ashlyn is incredibly strong and she says a line that I absolutely love “I know who I am and I love my uniqueness”. Ashlyn doesn’t need a hero, but she also realizes that life is better when you surround yourself with people who build you up. I am all for Big Red and Ashlyn representing a couple who make each other stronger.

What did you think of the episode? Comment below and next week you will get a shoutout!

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