Semiconductor Shortage Addressed in a Bill Passed by the US Senate

With bipartisan support, the US Senate passed the Innovation and Competition Act this week with 68 votes for and 32 against. This bill seeks to jump-start technology initiatives in this country. These initiatives will have over $200 billion dollars in support–$52 billion of it will specifically be allocated to the semiconductor industry.

Gamers are very familiar about this semiconductor shortage. This valuable product is vital to the production of consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, and more infamously, the PlayStation 5. This shortage has impacted more than just the gaming industry. People have felt pain in the auto industry, limiting the supply of vehicles like the Ford F-150.

Some politicians wave a flag of concern. Senator Bernie Sanders argues pumping more money into already massive firms is not the answer. Others add this is simply part of the power struggle with China.

Regardless, this bill’s next step lies with the House of Representatives before the President can sign it into law. Many points need to be debated before approval, such as the bill’s focus on the National Science Foundation. Funding to the NSF expands its purpose and could establish a new NSF office that would provide oversight on the high-tech sector.

What do you think about the US government’s approach, and do you think it will make it to President Biden for a signature? If it does get passed, how long would it take to actually make an impact? Check out our news article where Sony acknowledges that the PlayStation5 shortage will continue to be an issue for some time. Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts on the Boss Rush Discord.

Source: Gamespot

Featured Image Source: Forbes

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