The News:

EA Sports has unveiled Madden 22 and with it has named Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady the cover athletes in the latest edition of the NFL Simulated Franchise. EA Sports released a teaser during E3 that featured two baby goats playing in a barn, and today confirmed that for the first time since 2010, they would feature two athletes on the same cover.

Brady and Mahomes are both coming off Super Bowl appearances where Tom Brady won his 7th Lombardi Trophy; meanwhile, Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to host their 3rd AFC Championship in a row and second straight Super Bowl appearance. 

EA Sports also announced via their website that a new game mode is coming to Madden this year in the form of SuperStar KO. SuperStar KO will give users fast-paced co-op games that feature dynamic rules, unique stadiums, and legends of the game. Madden 22 will release with a Standard Edition, Dynasty Edition (available by pre-order only), and MVP Edition with early access coming on August 18. 


Let’s get this out of the way early in this breakdown: yes I love Patrick Mahomes. I live in Kansas City, and he is an icon in this city. If I were in EA’s shoes I would have gone with Aaron Rodgers as the cover athlete or even Derrick Henry; I think both of these stars are more worthy this year (Rodgers coming off a season in which he won the MVP, Henry led the NFL with 2,000+ rushing yards). Mahomes and Brady have both been cover athletes before, and this year it feels like a cheap way to sell an MVP edition of the game. EA really needs to deliver with Madden this year because 2K is bringing back NFL2K, and the assumption is that it’s coming back next year (although we haven’t heard a peep out of 2K about the game yet). I am excited to see SuperStar KO, and I also want to see how EA builds their toned-down version of street called The Yard.

Who would you like to see as the cover athlete for Madden? Will the “Madden Curse” affect Mahomes or Brady?

Source: EA Sports

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