Editorial: Autotune Rants

Dave returned to FXX this past week with season two of the critically acclaimed show starring Lil Dicky (aka Dave Burd). Last season, we witnessed Dave rise to fame as Lil Dicky, then witness his struggle with a balance between being the next great rapper and managing his personal life. Throughout season one of Dave, we also see Dave fall in love with Ally (played by Taylor Misiak), but in the season finale, we watched Ally end things with Dave after she felt like he wasn’t invested enough within the relationship. 

I try to learn life lessons from movies and TV; it’s been a part of who I am for years (check out a few I learned from How I Met Your Mother). When I watched the first season of Dave, I kept coming back to this moment where Dave is recording a banter piece and he and Ally have a cute couple moment. Let’s take a look at it. 

One of the beautiful things about the show Dave is the chemistry Dave and Taylor had within this show; the scene shown above really showcases the love that Ally and Dave felt for each other in this scene. This scene gets me to think about what is to come; this episode focuses on Ally and Dave going to Ally’s sister’s wedding. During the lead-up to the wedding, Ally and Dave went on a hiking trip where Dave kept making all of the conversation and focus solely on him (Later in the episode, Dave would also go on to doing the same thing at a family dinner and the rehearsal dinner). Dave spends a majority of Season 1 trying to comprehend how he has risen so high in the rap/hip-hop world in such a short amount of time, and Ally has been nothing but supportive of him throughout everything going on in his life. Ally finally hits a point during this episode when she realizes that her wants/needs have been sacrificed to support someone who is only focused on himself. Ally hits a breaking point, which causes her to quietly hint to Dave that they are done with her wedding toast. Let’s take a look. 

“The magic behind magic isn’t the illusion; it’s that someone cared enough to create the illusion for you. The real magic is all the work that goes into making someone believe that magic is real, and if there is anything on this earth that she can do to make you happy she will work for it tirelessly until she inevitably gets it” (Ally). 

Let’s take a second and do a little self-reflection. Within our lives, are there people that we forget to check in with, who we forget to appreciate, and who we honestly couldn’t live our lives without? In this reflection, if you say yes, then I want you to think about how much support and sacrifice that person has given to make sure you are happy. I think there are so many times within our lives where we take for granted the impact that certain people have, and if we were without them we would be completely lost. I would be absolutely lost if I didn’t have the relationships I have with my family, friends, and even with some ex-girlfriends. I have made plenty of mistakes within my life, but one of the biggest is when I took for granted someone who just wanted to grow with me, and I’m not talking about someone I was romantic with, I am talking about friends who just wanted to support each other and grow, but I was too ignorant to see the bigger picture. Take a moment and just appreciate the incredible people that you have within your life; every single person in your life is there for a reason. The beautiful thing about life is that it’s this journey of discovery and lessons that are constantly working to make us the people that we are destined to become. My challenge to you as you read this, is to make a gesture of appreciation to those who mean the most to you; the smallest thing can make the biggest impact.  

To end this editorial I want you to watch this extended cut of the entire scene that I have been talking about, and I want you to try and put yourself in Dave’s head towards the end of this scene where he is listening to the autotune rant. Dave finally realizes what he lost by being selfish and only caring about his gains, instead of the gains he could have had together with Ally. With all of the crazy stuff that is happening in our world today, I think that we can’t afford to waste time chasing our own selfish desires.

Thanks for reading this lesson that I learned from Dave!

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