Boss Rush Banter: Would You Play Xbox Game Pass on Switch?

In the months leading up to the E3 2021, Xbox had multiple streams and press conferences in which a Nintendo Switch was featured within the camera shot, often on a bookshelf or display case. This prompted many to wonder and even speculate if a collaboration between Xbox and Nintendo was in the works and what this might look like. Sadly, E3 passed without any featured announcements between the two gaming giants. Nevertheless, we think it’s an exciting possibility and worth imagining.

Last year, Nintendo announced that cloud gaming would be available on Switch, with Control: Ultimate Edition as the featured game modeling the hardware’s capabilities within this format. When players opened the free demo, they were able to choose between “Enhanced Graphics” (30 fps, ray tracing on) and “Enhanced Performance” (60 fps, ray tracing off). While the overall performance of cloud gaming on Switch is just OK, it provides players with access to a lot of games that would otherwise not be available on Switch.

Of course, cloud gaming has its critics. The moment companies choose to remove the game from their server, that’s it–no more access. Even with digital only games, as long as players have the game downloaded onto their console, they can still play it regardless of its availability on the respective eShop. Ultimately, players will have to decide whether the trade-off for access is worth it.

Xbox and Nintendo have a history of teaming up to promote cross-play.

Given the possibility of cloud gaming and the oft teased collaboration between Xbox and Nintendo, many are wondering if a cloud-based Game Pass is coming to the Switch. This would benefit both Nintendo and Microsoft if the terms were right, increasing the number of subscriptions to the service and giving Nintendo fans increased access. Ironically, it could even benefit PlayStation as Switch owners would have greater reason to purchase the console over an Xbox as their next-gen, second console; by already having Game Pass access on Switch, gamers could then focus spending on Sony in order to get their exclusive titles.

Ultimately, this is all speculation until Xbox and Nintendo announce any kind of partnership. Given all the smoke, it would be disappointing to discover there was never any fire.

Tell us what you think! Would you play Xbox Game Pass on Switch? Are you concerned by a cloud based model? Share your reactions in the comments below or join the conversation on Boss Rush Network’s Discord.

Source: GameRant, Nintendo (via NintendoLife)

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