The $60 Remaster Dilemma and Monster Hunter Stories 2 Road Map – Nintendo Pow Block Episode 252

The week, Ed, Corey, Jacob, and Dan discuss Nintendo Switch Online’s appeal, Metroid topping the 3DS charts, a Donkey Kong animated something, Monster Hunter Stories 2 Roadmap, and for Docked Mode, the $60 remaster dilemma and if it’s really worth repaying for a fresh coat of paint. 

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intros and Ed’s New Life
9:05 – Snacktendo
17:34 – Nintendo Switch Online
30:09 – Ask The Developer
36:11 – Metroid Samus Returns Sales
44:59 – Mortal Kombat 11
50:40 – Rare Sealed Zelda Game
58:44 – Donkey Kong Animation
1:05:01 – Netflix Leaves Wii U
1:09:44 – Monster Hunter Stories 2 Road Map
1:17:08 – Game Fact Advance – Devil World
1:20:35 – Question Block
1:31:21 – Docked Mode: $60 Dollar Remasters
1:59:43 – Playing With Power
2:09:28 – Outros

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