Top 10 Things Missing From The Nintendo Switch

We all know naming systems isn’t Nintendo’s strong suit (I’m looking at you 3DS). What also is not their strong suit is listening to their fanbase. Recently, Nintendo announced a new Nintendo Switch model officially called the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model). For months, fans have been clamoring over the rumors that an upgraded Nintendo Switch model was in the works, with a bevy of hardware and quality of life upgrades. Much to the dismay of Nintendo fans everywhere, the upgrade–isn’t much to write home about. 

What we got is an OLED screen, which improves the definition quality in handheld mode, a bigger kickstand, a LAN plug, and 64 GB of internal storage space. 

Not what was expected, but it’s what we get. Nintendo, without a doubt, makes great systems and great games; however with the recent Nintendo Switch system, there’s quite a few omissions to the hardware and software that are commonplace among their counterparts Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo needs to keep up with current video game trends, so without further adieu, here is a Top 10 list of omissions from the new Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) that gamers have been wanting. 

4K and/or HDR Graphics. 4K graphics have been commonplace in the gaming for many years now, even before the Nintendo Switch’s release five years ago. To be able to pump out 4K graphics does require a hardware upgrade, however an upgrade to High Definition Resolution (HDR) requires only a software upgrade, as we saw with the Playstation 4 and Xbox One doing so years ago. Nintendo hasn’t kept up with Sony and Microsoft in terms of graphics and performance since the GameCube; however, they are a full generation (if not more) behind now! 

Bluetooth headset connectivity. The only way to use headphones in either handheld mode or docked is to plug into the system directly with the AUX port, or to buy a proprietary Bluetooth receiver that plugs into the USB-C port on the bottom of the system or the USB ports on the dock. There is Bluetooth connectivity for controllers, but not for a headset!? Not even in the new model is there an upgrade for headsets. For a “portable” system, this is quite a travesty. 

Still no Virtual Console. Nintendo has some of the best back catalog of games compared to its counterparts Sony and Microsoft. It’s a catalog that can still make Nintendo a lot of money; however despite the outcry from fans wanting a bigger marketplace to play older games from the Nintendo library, they’ve been defiant in bringing fans what they want. The Nintendo Online service is a joke, updated infrequently and only offering a small amount of games up until Super Nintendo. As for now, the best virtual console can be used on a Nintendo Wii U, which was seen by many as a failure for Nintendo. 

No in-game chat, or even chat lobbies. Want to play a co-op game with your friends? Well, Nintendo says the best way to do so is to download the Nintendo Online app on your phone and connect with friends that way. Cause you all have phones, right? This isn’t a hard thing to grasp for Nintendo, and it’s still crazy to this day that this, or chatting on Discord, is the only way to chat with friends online. 

Still Nintendo Switch friend codes. This one is still confusing to this day. So in order to add a friend to your friends list, you have to input a 14-digit code that is linked to the person you want to add. No usernames to search. This is something Nintendo can EASILY rectify. On top of this, you can’t even send messages to your friends through the Switch. 

No new app support. The two biggest apps currently available on the Nintendo Switch are Hulu and YouTube. No Netflix, Spotify, Pandora, Crunchyroll, or any sporting apps. Nintendo has made it clear that it’s a gaming-centered system; however, many of us use our home systems as media centers for video-streaming apps, and also as music boxes too–especially if we want to listen to our own music while playing games. Why they won’t support any other apps is beyond me.

The Home Screen and eShop are still too basic. I know this shouldn’t be a big gripe to have, considering most people aren’t impressed with flashy presentations on their home screens; but at the very least, Nintendo should make it appealing to look at and scroll through. Even the Nintendo eShop deserves a fresh coat of paint, especially to attract players to buy more games, maybe some they haven’t heard of, and even showcase a ratings system. As for the home screen, it’s too boring, and there’s not even an option to organize your games into folders (admittedly, the PS5 is still lacking this support too). Why aren’t there downloadable themes or even background music to make the UI a bit more pleasant even? 

No Achievements. It’d be interesting to find out why Nintendo hasn’t adopted an achievement system in their games. I know Nintendo never does something because someone else does it, but one has to admit the normalcy of getting “achievement points” or “trophies” is almost a standard nowadays. Even Steam has their own version of achievements on their platform. 

More internal storage. The base models that came out five years ago only had a 32 GBs system storage size, and this new model boasts a “whopping” 64 GBs of storage. Many games require an install up to 32 GBs. NBA 2K21 requires 32 GBs, as does the Witcher 3, and Doom Eternal is almost 19 GBs, not counting the additional expansion packs. Yes, you can add more internal storage space with a bigger micro SD card, but you shouldn’t have to worry about that after downloading two games. 

No F-Zero. Come on Nintendo. It’s a travesty that the last one made was from the Nintendo GameCube. 

Did I miss anything? I’m sure I did. Let me know in the comments what else the Nintendo Switch sorely needs. 

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