Boss Rush Banter: What 80s Movie Would You Like To See a Game Based On?

I love action movies, particularly ones from the 80s. Even though I didn’t grow up in the 80s, there’s something special about watching an action flick from that era. From classics like The Terminator to weird ones like Toxic Avenger, action movies from the 80s were something to behold. 

What makes them even better is that most of them have the potential to become an enjoyable video game. With the recent announcement of a Robocop game along with titles like Evil Dead: The Game and Aliens: Fireteam Elite not far from release, it got me wondering–what 80s movie needs to be turned into a game? 

When I think of action movies from the 80s, two things come to mind: big guns and lots of blood, and one film that has both of those things is none other than the classic action movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Running Man.  

The Running Man was The Hunger Games before The Hunger Games ever existed. The movie follows Arnold’s character in the year 2019, back when the world thought the 2000s would bring the collapse of our economy–I guess that didn’t happen. It is because of its similarities to The Hunger Games and the battle royale style, that I think this movie needs to have its own game.  

If they were to make a game based on The Running Man, I would imagine it to be a combination of Mad World and any battle royale game out there. The absurd violence of the movie and the premise would fit perfectly into the gaming world, and I am amazed there isn’t a game based on this very concept.  

The game could lend itself to having a single-player campaign, differentiating itself from the rest of the battle royales on the market. Above all else, the game would already have an established world to build upon with characters that could be taken straight from the movie and sold as DLC. 

This is one of the few movies from the 80s that I am surprised hasn’t received the video game treatment, especially seeing how The Running Man, and of course, the 2000 action/thriller aptly titled Battle Royale, were inspiration for the genre.  

This is just one of the many 80s action movies that would make a great video game, but what are some of yours? What 80s action movies would you like to see be turned into a game? Let us know in the comments below or on our Discord! 

Image Sources: Den of Geek, DVDBeaver

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