Boss Rush Banter: What Popular Game Do You Dislike?

I always feel weird when there is something that everyone praises, but I feel much differently. It generally makes me feel as if I were wrong in my first interpretation of said product. In most cases, I always give these products a second chance. For example, when I first played Gears of War, I was not into it, sure the game had great graphics and the gameplay was smooth, but it just didn’t click with me. In fact, I bought the game on day one, then traded it in the next day. Do you know what the sales assistant said to me? “You are trading this in?” As if I was wrong for not liking a game that everyone else had enjoyed. 

The Last of Us Remastered

However, I did try the game again and grew to love it, but this isn’t the case all the time; sometimes no matter what, there is that one game that’s so popular, but no matter how much you try it you still don’t like it. For me there has been a few popular games that I have disliked, but there’s one that stands out the most, only because of how much the game is loved by the general populace. For me, that game is the Last of Us; this game has won many awards for its great storytelling and gameplay, yet it never sat well with me. When I first played the Last of Us it was on the game’s original release for PS3, and I had been excited for the game because I love Naughty Dogs previous work in the Uncharted series, for its top-notch storytelling, graphics, and fun gameplay.  

Me being excited for this game was an understatement, it was more like having Christmas and my birthday on the same day, and getting twice as many gifts. I even splurged for the special edition as I loved Uncharted, and I loved Zombie games, it was the perfect formula.  

When I had finally started the game, that’s when my world came crashing down. The game was beautiful, but to me the characters were boring, there wasn’t that same charm from the Uncharted games, I get this was a different game and genre, but the writing had felt off. I didn’t care for the characters, the story nor the gameplay, everything to me wasn’t right, the game just wasn’t fun. How could this be? 

I put the game to the side, then read some reviews; I wanted to know what others were thinking of this game. They all seemed to have loved it, every publication, every person I spoke to, they all loved the game, but not me.  

I left the game festering, and went back to it here and there thinking I must’ve missed something. Even with the multiple attempts I put into it, I couldn’t get into it; it never clicked for me. I know there are a lot of people reading this right now, and thinking how? But then again, I am the same person that couldn’t get into Demon Souls and few other popular series. I possibly have bad taste in games, but that’s the beauty in gaming — just because I liked something, doesn’t mean you should. 

Is there a popular game and/or game series that you have never been able to get into? Let us know in the comments below or on our Discord!  

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