Intel is the New Player in the Graphics Card Market

For many years NVIDIA and AMD have been exchanging blows as the two competitors in the market for graphics cards, but now they have a new challenger in the Intel Arc.

Intel, who is the worlds leader semiconductor manufacturer, is taking a new approach by creating a new graphics card called the Arc. This gives them the opportunity to grow in the graphics department that has taken off recently. Intel has released a demo video here:

This new graphics processor uses Xe HPG (for high performing graphics) microarchitecture, which is supposed to compete with Nvidia’s GEFORCE or AMD’s RADEON technologies. Xe HPG is a convergence of multiple graphics processors that allow the use of advanced graphics functions such as ray tracing or super sampling based on artificial intelligence. The first version of this card is named “The Alchemist”, and is set to release in 2021. There are future variations scheduled for 2022, and already have their code names in “Battlemage”, “Celestial”, and “Druid.”

The latest GeForce RTX 30-series cards from Nvidia offer tech like DLSS 2.0 (deep learning supersampling), which can dramatically improve frame rates without noticeably compromising on graphics, as well as dedicated ray-tracing hardware. With that being said, if Intel wants to compete, their cards will have to be excellent.

Do you think Intel can make a splash in the graphics card market? Let us know in the comments section or on our Discord!

Source: Intel, NVIDIA. IGN

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