MLB Power Rankings: The Hunt for October

Baseball is hot in the streets; this week we witnessed a rookie throw a no-hitter in his first MLB start, we watched as Fernando Tatis Jr. launched balls over the fence after his return from injury, and we saw Salvador Perez showcase his gold glove athleticism with one of the best plays at the plate we will see all year long. Welcome to another edition of Boss Rush Entertainment’s MLB Power Rankings. Before we get started, I want to say a huge thank you to Dan Murphy for writing the rankings over the last few weeks as I took a brief hiatus. The MLB season is rapidly coming to a close with only 6 weeks left in the regular season, and the race for the wild card playoff spots is on. Let’s get to ranking! 

  1. San Francisco Giants

You can’t help but adore what the Giants are doing right now in San Francisco. At the trade deadline, the Giants went after Kris Bryant and in return, he has been lights out at the plate for the Giants. The Giants have a bullpen that is deeper than anyone else in the National League, but their starting pitching has really begun to shine over the last few weeks. 

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers are trying to take the race for the NL West division lead; and if any team can upset the Giants, it would be Los Angeles. If the bats can continue to be hot for the Dodgers this team will take the lead in the west; however, they will also need Max Scherzer to dominate in his starts as he has begun to show struggles with his fastball.

  1. Tampa Bay Rays

Noah Syndergaard threw a simulated game early this week, and that is great news for the Rays, who currently lead the AL East. The Rays need strong starting pitching to stave off the red hot Yankees. 

  1. Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers make baseball really fun to watch. The Brew Crew are 8-2 in their last 10 games, and there is nothing stopping this team from running away with the NL Central division.

  1. Houston Astros

The Astros had an interesting week losing 3 out of 4 in Kansas City to the Royals, but luckily the Athletics mirrored Houston, and the Astros hold a 2.5 game lead in the AL West. Houston really needs to focus on how to be more consistent at the plate. 

  1. New York Yankees

I may be playing a little bias, but the Yankees have been red hot since the trade deadline when they acquired Joey Gallo and Anthony Rizzo. The Yankees really need to work on how to manage their bullpen; but otherwise, this team is ready for October. 

  1.  Chicago White Sox

Leading the AL Central is like being the best at kickball when you’re in grade school; it’s cool, but at the end of the day you know no one else really cared as much as you did. 

  1. Oakland Athletics
  2. Boston Red Sox

Alex Cora, what have you done to the Boston Red Sox? I have tried to be a fan of the Red Sox all year and cheer for them when it came to the rankings, but Cora’s decisions as a manager have been downright awful. 

  1. San Diego Padres

I am close to blowing the “fraud” whistle on the Padres; outside of Tatis, this team has no life to it, and they fooled all the hardcore MLB fans.

  1. Atlanta Braves

The NL East is still a garbage truck on fire.

  1. Seattle Mariners

I think if the Mariners had been buyers at the trade deadline, they could have competed for a wild card spot. 

  1. Toronto Blue Jays

Next year the Blue Jays are going to be a young team that will be the front runners to win the AL East. 

  1. Cincinnati Reds

As far as wild card races go, the Reds are a favorite to come back and sneak a spot away from the NL West. The Reds have a September schedule that has series with the Cubs, Pirates, and Tigers. 

  1. St. Louis Cardinals
  2. Philadelphia Phillies
  3. LA Angels

Shohei Ohtani has to win the MVP.

  1. New York Mets

The Mets really did a 180 after the deadline; they went into the deadline leading the division, and over the past few weeks, they have been downright terrible.

  1. Cleveland Indians
  2. Detroit Tigers
  3. Colorado Rockies

The Rockies need to decide if they are signing Trevor Story to a long-term deal; if not, trade him before his contract expires. 

  1. Minnesota Twins
  2. Kansas City Royals

Salvador Perez is having a season to remember. Friday, Perez tied his career high in RBI’s and hit two home runs. 

  1. Chicago Cubs
  2. Washington Nationals
  3. Miami Marlins
  4. Pittsburgh Pirates
  5. Texas Rangers
  6. Arizona Diamondbacks
  7. Baltimore Orioles

How did your favorite team fare in this week’s rankings? Comment below, and we will give you a shout-out on Boss Rush Entertainment’s Twitter!

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