Boss Rush Banter: Which Versions of Link Should Star in an “Into the Zelda-Verse” Game?

Earlier this week, the first trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Way Home was released and effectively broke the internet. The movie is heavily rumored to feature the return of several key actors and characters from previous, non-MCU Spider-Man films, and the trailer gave us some big teases and one massive reveal of Alfred Molina reprising his role as Dr. Octopus from Spider-Man 2. The big rumor that has not been addressed yet is that both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield may be reprising their roles as Peter Parker/Spider-Man from their respective franchises. While that remains to be seen (although it seems like a sure bet at this point, right?), this got me thinking—if Nintendo ever made an “Into the Zelda-Verse” style game featuring different incarnations of Link from previous games, which three Links would you want to star in the game?

I’m specifically saying three because that is the number of Spider-Men that are rumored to be in Spider-Man: No Way Home. And yes, the basic plot and lore of the Zelda franchise is that Zelda, Link, and Ganon are destined to be reincarnated and battle it out for time immemorial, but imagine if different versions were all together in one game? And you could swap between the different versions to solve puzzles and defeat villains. How fun would that be?!

Now, I know that Hyrule Warriors is essentially this game with all different versions of Zelda characters showing up to fight side-by-side. But that is a Musou game—a 1 vs 1,000 fighting-style game. I’m talking specifically about a typical Zelda game with dungeons, weapons, boss fights, etc, just with multiple Links. 

Personally, I would pick the Links from The Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, and A Link Between Worlds. You’d have to assume that each Link would bring their unique skills from their respective games, so with this line-up you, could traverse both land and sea, travel through time, and turn into a 2D painting to gain access into new areas. Plus, I’d love to see the cartoony style of The Wind Waker’s Link juxtaposed next to the blocky graphics from Nintendo 64’s heyday. 

What about you? Would Link from Twilight Princess make an appearance, just for his ability to turn into a wolf? Or what about the Link from Breath of the Wild, who is just an all-around survivalist badass? With so many games and so many different styles throughout the past 35 years, there are a ton of options to choose from. Let us know who you would pick in the comments below or join the conversation on the Boss Rush Discord.

Featured image source: Zelda Dungeon.

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  1. We have something like that as a fan comic actually. It’s called the Linked Universe by Jojo 56930.

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