Make Some Noise for A Quiet Place Video Game!

A Quiet Place released in 2018, and its sequel A Quiet Place II (2020)–created by John Krasinski–will be adding another medium to its universe. A video game created by Saber Interactive, iLLOGIKA, and EP1T0ME will tell an untold story within the lore of the Quiet Place universe.

A website has also popped up showcasing a logo and a suspected launch date of 2022. With such amazing reviews of the movies, we can set expectations high; it is likely this game will feature stealth-based gameplay, but of course anything is possible. The companies behind the production of this game have previously designed installments for franchises such as Far Cry, Rainbow Six, and World War Z. The upcoming Evil Dead: The Game will be added to the companies’ already impressive roasters.

Do you think these companies have a good resume and foundation to create a new game franchise and bring justice to a stellar movie franchise? What are your hopes for this game? I definitely am hoping for a stealth gameplay and a horror atmosphere with a first- or third-person perspective. Have you watched these movies yet? Let us hope the game arrives for Halloween 2022!

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