Boss Rush Banter: Has Regular Inclusion of DLC Changed Player Expectations in Gaming?

You’ve beaten the final boss, accomplished all of the sidequests, and maybe you’re working on your second playthrough of one of your favorite games. Then, out of nowhere, news drops from the developers that their game is getting additional features in the form of DLC, or Downloadable Content. Now, there’s even more for you to do. DLC is always fun to have, but it does beg the question: has it’s existence changed our expectations for gaming?

The idea of DLC dates back all the way to the Dreamcast, but in today’s gaming world, DLC is such a large part of so many key franchises. Series like The Legend of Zelda or Pokémon got Expansion Packs on their Switch installments, leading many to suspect that most first-party games will include some form of DLC following the game’s launch. 

Most people love the idea of having even more to do in a game. For example, after a few months, I grew bored with Pokémon Sword, but “The Isle of Armor” DLC not only gave me something more to do, but had my friends and I back at it with trading, battling, and team building. And while I’m excited for the new Pokémon games, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl, I’m nervous of getting bored again after only a few playthroughs. If DLC for the Sinnoh remakes were announced though, maybe knowing there was more to do would be enough to sway my decision whether to get the games or not.

But sometimes, the idea of DLC can get fans carried away, and for some, can even ruin a gaming experience. To some fans, the existence of DLC begs the question: Why couldn’t the developers include this content in the base game? DLC can really open your eyes to just what was missing from a gaming experience, and many people don’t love the idea that you’ll need to drop even more cash just to get the “full” gaming experience. Additionally, after DLC has been released, playing the game without it can feel empty or hollow, almost like something is missing. 

How about you? Has DLC changed the way you view gaming? Do you want DLC for all your favorite titles, or do you think DLC should be reserved for only select releases? Whatever your thoughts are, we’d love to read them below or have you join the conversation on the Boss Rush Discord.

3 thoughts on “Boss Rush Banter: Has Regular Inclusion of DLC Changed Player Expectations in Gaming?

  1. I understand releaseing a game when it is release-able and saving certain extra levels for DLCs. Its a way to keep the game alive to the active players and give the developers some slack. Plus it can act as a stealth sequel/continuation.

    I hate DLC in multiplayer games. It sucks wen you’re playing with people who have more of the game than you do.

  2. I will say, I played through the Isle of Armor DLC for Sword. I was a bit disappointed in the limited amount of content received. I haven’t played through the entirety of The Crown Tundra, but I will say I like that one only slightly more.

    I think if the future Pokemon games are like this, where DLC will be required to play additional content – I’ll be bowing out. For instance, I won’t be getting the new Diamond and Pearl remakes purely because I’ve already played the heck out of the originals. Of course, there will always be a dedicated fanbase, and I respect that. It’s just that my time has come and passed for that period of my life 🤷🏻.

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