Boss Rush Banter: Where Should the Pokémon Genre Go Next?

From role-playing and fighting to photography and pinball, the Pokémon franchise has dabbled in many genres. For the most part, the games have worked out well for the company and the fans, but what is next? Where can the Pokémon series go for the next gaming opportunity? Well, there are a few possibilities for the gaming powerhouse.   

A few Ideas that could benefit the series is as follows:

RTS (Real-Time Strategy) – The first on my list is one of strategic importance. Imagine an Age of Empires or Command and Conquer type Pokémon game. Choose a team and a type or types and get randomly placed on a procedurally generated map. Once the match starts, build a Pokécenter and a gym. Use the Pokécenter to heal and create trainers. Then based on the typing you had chosen, the trainers must go out and find Pokémon of those types and catch them. Once the trainer has caught the Pokémon, bring it to the gym and train them and assign moves as they level up. Then the trainer and his Pokémon can go out and challenge opposing teams, the loser will have to heal at the Pokécenter, and the winner will gain money and a medal. The first team to reach a certain medal count will win. I can see a ton of different ways to play an RTS Pokémon game, this is just one example.

FPS (First- Person Shooter) – Now this could be achieved in a variety of ways. One aspect is a trainer starting his or her journey and playing the traditional style of Pokémon, such as Red and Blue, in a first-person perspective. Just imagine throwing out a Pokémon to weaken an opponent or catching a wild Pokémon then throwing a Pokéball to catch it all in a different view. I think it would work well. Another aspect would be is to play as a Pokémon itself. Could it be an adventure game with excellent story or open world exploration and creation game? Maybe you have to fight other Pokémon to learn new moves and evolve as you survive in the wild. What ideas do you have?  

Simulation – What if you could build an empire centered on Pokémon? Manage a town, a Pokémon park, Team Rocket, or the Pokémon League. How would this look? Create and manage Team Rocket as Giovanni. Spread your organized crime across the city and manage your gym. Maybe you manage the Safari Zone and need to generate money to get more Pokémon into the park. Maybe you need daycares to create eggs from different combinations of Pokémon, which then they donate to be introduced into the park to live. The simulation genre has such potential with the vast lore already available in the series.  

What other crazy genres would you apply to the Pokémon franchise? What would you improve upon within the existing games series? What is your favorite Pokémon game? Let us know your thoughts.

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