Boss Rush Banter: Which PlayStation Exclusive Should Make the Jump to VR?

In the first big piece of gaming news for 2022, PlayStation announced the name and exciting new details for their next-gen virtual reality gaming headset at the annual CES conference in Las Vegas. For more details on the PlayStation VR2 and its PlayStation VR2 Sense Controllers, check out our news piece here. In addition to news about the headset, PlayStation also announced that one of their biggest exclusive franchises is coming to VR with Horizon VR: Call of the Mountain. Not many details were released about the game, but it looks to let players go deeper into the world of Horizon, in ways only virtual reality can. This is big news, and opens the door for more AAA experiences on PlayStation VR2, which leads us to the question of the day: which other PlayStation exclusive should make the jump to VR?

The original PSVR was an amazing piece of technology that really elevated virtual reality and made it available to more people than ever before. Yes, you still had to have a console to make it work, but you no longer needed a fancy and expensive PC to power the headset. The comparatively much more affordable PlayStation 4 was more than powerful enough to allow people to experience virtual reality.

Though it was a fantastic headset, there wasn’t widespread adoption for the peripheral, with arguably the only major franchise entry being Batman: Arkham VR. A great ‘game’ that really put you in the cape and cowl of the Caped Crusader, to be sure, but none of the other major PlayStation franchises made the leap to VR with the exception of Astro Bot (who, honestly, needs to be given much more recognition than he gets currently).

Hopefully, with the improved technology behind PSVR2, PlayStation will make a more concerted effort to take VR to the next level, encouraging publishers to explore the worlds of their franchises in new and exciting ways. Imagine swinging through New York City as Spider-Man or Miles Morales; or searching for clues and hidden treasures in an Uncharted VR game. How terrifying and intense would a Returnal VR experience be? The options are limitless, and if the technology delivers and the demand is there, people will be clamoring for more unique experiences that only PSVR2 can provide.

What do you think? Which franchise is primed for a game in virtual reality? Let us know in the comments or on our Discord.

Featured Image Source: GamePur

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