Battle Royale Wordle is Here, and it’s Called Squabble

That’s right, recent internet sensation Wordle is now in the form of a battle royale called Squabble. Similar to Tetris 99, you’ll square off with up to 100 players trying to guess the five letter words as fast as you can without losing.
There are two modes in the current version of Squabble, there’s Blitz mode which you square off with 5 others, then you have Battle Royale mode where you’re up against 99 others. When joining a game, you can choose to create your own room and get a room code for friends to play, or you can find a room to play with random people.

Battle royale let’s you see where your other players are at

Each player starts with 99 HP, your HP will gradually decrease as time goes on, but you can gain HP for every letter you guess correctly. This is incredibly intense watching the bar drain as you’re guessing words, and I’m loving it.
One of my favorite aspects of the game is watching the replay, so you can see how everyone shakes out with their guesses.

Squabble is free to play and it’s desktop only at the moment. Check it out here! Are you going to be playing Squabble? Let us know in the comments section, or join our discord using the QR code below!

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