RUMOR CONTROL: An NVIDIA Leak May Have Revealed a Revised Nintendo Switch

Tell me where you’ve heard this one before. Rumors are swirling again that the Nintendo Switch Pro is, in fact, in active development. In a recent mega-leak from chip manufacturer NVIDIA, there was mention of the custom chip NVN2. Why is this important? The NVN was a custom chip that was used as the original Switch’s graphics API.

Below, you can see through a series of tweets from noted dataminer NWPlayer123 (via MyNintendoNews) suggested that this new chip should have been used in the Nintendo Switch OLED model, but the chip shortages the world is experiencing now meant that Nintendo couldn’t produce enough of these new units to meet demand, so they made the decision to use the chips found in the revised Switch which released in 2019.

Now take this all with a heaping mountain of salt, but Nintendo is on a cadence of refreshing the Switch every 2 years in some capacity. If the Switch Pro is real, you can put your money on it releasing sometime in 2023.

My Take

The Nintendo Switch is one of, if not the best decision Nintendo has ever made for a home console. They combined their handheld and console markets and made a product that services both. Nintendo has trained its audience that they will never be the most powerful console, but they will always innovate. My personal want is for Nintendo to continue down this path of iteration, similar to the way we upgrade our phones or iPads. Whether it’s a “Switch 2” or a “Switch Pro” is anyone’s guess, but I think it is finally time to add a little more horsepower under the hood. It’s extremely difficult for me to imagine Nintendo doing anything else at this point.

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Source: NWPlayer123 via MyNintendoNews

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