Boss Rush Banter: What is Your Greatest Gaming Accomplishment?

Competition has been part of gaming since the beginning, starting with Tennis for Two which debut in 1958. Ever since then, players and creators have been making challenges to games. The styles have expanded with the LAN play and then exploded with internet gaming. Achievements and trophy systems have been introduced in consoles that add challenges for game specific goals. But my favorite type of accomplishment is a self made goal, when you challenge yourself to improve.

Super Mario Bros. speedrun in under five minutes

Speedruns have become popular in the gaming community for players to compete and improve on their fastest playthroughs. I remember replaying NES games in my late teens for bragging rights against my friends. Later on in college games like Rockband and Wii Sports would provide more chances to compete against others, but more importantly, myself. I had to master the drums and achieve a 300 perfect score. I was able to perform well on the drums, including some tracks at 100%, however the elusive 300 is still out there for me to catch. With the upcoming release of Nintendo Switch Sports next month, I can continue that quest.

Another challenge that is still out there is finishing in the top ten for ten consecutive games in Tetris 99. I have come so close a few times, but it is still out there for me to catch. Because of this, I have reminisced to the time when I challenged myself on another Tetris title, Tetris Worlds on the Gameboy Advance. The GBA title was the version that had me fall in love with the puzzle game series. On a whim I set myself to achieve the most amount of line clears in a single game, one which lasted nearly three hours! In the end I cleared 2,771 lines and I do not want to attempt to break that personal best.

My excitement for this meaningless accomplishment is something that I hope others seek. It is a silly thing overall, but one that can give great joy to those that like to challenge themselves. Do you or your friends have any challenges that you pursue? Which are you most proud to achieve? Are there any goals you are chipping away at reaching? Share your achievements with us below or join the Boss Rush Discord and be part of our community.

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