What’s New, Nintendo? (Week of 3/21)

Hello again! Welcome to another week of looking back at the recent news from Nintendo, and looking forward to the upcoming games ahead!

Nintendo has a slow news week, but in the midst of everything, we saw the new the eight new courses for Mario Kart 8D drop a day early this week. Nintendo plans on releasing 40 more of these courses until the end of 2023. The new courses have come with pretty good reception so far from fans via Twitter. You can purchase the new courses for $24.99, or if you have NSO+, you can race on them for no additional cost. Now that we have the Mario Kart and Animal Crossing DLC, one of our staff writers Brad asks if the new NSO expansion pass is worth the money 5 months later? My answer? Absolutely. I’ve sunk about 80 hours into the games on it, and my fiancée has had a blast designing homes on Animal Crossing.

In the rumor mill, staff writer Shane writes about someone who discovered a patent for a new Nintendo controller. I won’t put a lot of stock into a patent found on the internet, but it’s a cool drawing to look at.

That’s a wrap for news and rumors, now let’s take a look at the upcoming games this week! Oh, and don’t forget to check out our review of Oxenfree here!

Tuesday, March 22

  • A Place for the Unwilling – Branching narrative adventure (Digital – $14.99)
  • Kraken Academy – (Demo available) Team up with a kraken and save Kraken Academy in this high school adventure. (Digital – $17.99)

Wednesday, March 23

Thursday, March 24

  • Aery – Calm Mind 2 – Take control of a bird in this game that’s designed to relax your body and mind. (Digital – $9.99)
  • Andro Dunos 2 – Direct sequel to SNK’s 1992 side scrolling shooter. (Digital – $19.99)
  • Super Nanaru – Scrolling jump timing game. (Digital – $9.99)

Friday, March 25

  • Devastator – Twin stick shooter designed for modern consoles. (Digital – $6.99)
  • Kirby and the Forgotten Land – (Editor’s choice – demo available) Kirby is back in a fully 3D adventure! Give this demo a try! (Digital – $59.99 – physical $59.99)
  • Rune Factory 5 – (Editor’s choice) Farming simulator meets action packed RPG, team up with your village to solve a mystery. (Digital – $59.99 – digital deluxe $69.99 – physical Earthmate Edition $79.99)

Thanks for reading this weeks version of “What’s New, Nintendo?” we hope to see you back next week! Until then, join us in the comments section or on our Discord using the QR code below!


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