PODCAST: PlayStation’s Greatest Franchise?? — The Cross Roads Podcast EPISODE 76

This week, LeRon, Austin, Stoy, and Corey Dirrig from Boss Rush try to figure out what is PlayStation’s greatest game franchise and also talk about the new game being developed by Firesprite, the surprise announcement from the State of Unreal, and much more!

Cross Roads: The PlayStation Podcast Episode 76

Tonight’s Guest:

Corey Dirrig: Twitter | Instagram

The Cross Roads Team:

LeRon Dawkins: Twitter  |  Twitch
Austin Campbell: Twitter
Chris True: Twitter
Stoy Jovic: Twitter | EXPCast

Time Stamps:

00:00 – Intro and Housekeeping
17:04 – What Are We Playing?

Notable Games Coming to PlayStation This Week

A new week, another barrage of high-caliber games coming to systems! The final Bethesda exclusive release hits PlayStation this week and is closely followed by the return of a fan-favorite franchise. Get ready to have some fun!

44:39 – Notable Games Releasing This Week


Nobody Saves the World Coming to PS5 & PS4

Action role-playing dungeon crawler Nobody Saves the World is on its way to PlayStation next week and equipped with a new feature for games to wield in their adventures on April the 14th.

59:46 – Nobody Save the World

New Tomb Raider Game Being Developed Using Unreal Engine 5

During Tuesday’s State of Unreal 2022, Crystal Dynamics announced that Lara Croft will be returning in a new game built using Unreal Engine 5.

1:05:24 – New Tomb Raider Coming Soon

PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now April 2022

This month’s batch of PS Plus games is giving subscribers the opportunity to visit Bikini Bottom, become legends in a medieval land, and stack the deck in a unique roguelike experience while the April 2022 PS Now games allow gamers to hit the racetrack, play as a supernatural eco-warrior, journey to distant planets, or solve galactic mysteries.

1:14:19 – PS Plus and PS Now April Games

Firesprite Studio Making Triple-A Horror Title for PlayStation

Firesprite Studio, which was recently acquired by Sony, appears to be hard at work on a triple-A game for the publisher.

1:25:34 – Firesprite Develops Horror Game

Why Can’t We Just Shut Up and Play Video Games?

PlayStation, as a name, is synonymous with the brands that have been birthed from the system. It’s arguable that PlayStation itself, as a brand, would never have been as successful as it is today had it not been for the value it derives from its exclusive games and franchises.

1:36:28 – What is Sony’s greatest franchise?

The Wrap-Up

2:04:28 – The Wrap-up and Plugs
2:06:22 – Featured Articles on Boss Rush:

2:08:39 – Outros

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