Halo Infinite Season 2 Drops Early May

After a tumultuous first season of Halo Infinite multiplayer, fans of the 343 Industries developed Halo Infinite will finally see its next Season update on May 3rd.

The trailer for the upcoming season doesn’t deep dive into what’s coming, except being given the name Lone Wolves. Season 2 will introduce a new battle pass system, and multiplayer game modes like Last Spartan Standing, a free-for-all elimination gameplay mode, and Land Grab, which mixes the gameplay mode Territories with King of the Hill. It’s a fast paced quest to capture points, and the catch is that once a plot has been captured, it cannot be re-captured, so expect some hectic gameplay and fast paced maneuvering. We’ll also get to see an updated version of King of the Hill in this new season as well.

343 Industries has been receiving and pouring over all of the fan feedback being given, and has given a report on their Halo Waypoint blog, and plans to bring in a whole slew of asked-for changes for Season 2 like new and current maps being added to multiple different playlists, as well as game modes like Attrition and King of the Hill being added into playlists as well. Some notable gameplay improvements include improving consistent melee encounters, Overshield providing more protection, the ability to modify Friend or Foe (IFF) outlines in matches, and many many more updates. Season 2 will also bring in a new Arena map called Catalyst, and a Big Team Battle map called Breaker. We’ll even get some story content and missions in this update, most notably more about Commander Agryna.

If you purchase the premium battle pass (1,000 CR or $9.99 USD), you’ll be able to earn 1,000 CR in credits to go for all of the customization options already available and of course the gambit of new ones coming as well, like the armor sets seen in the trailer above.

Sadly, even though 343 Industries said months ago that it was aiming to release a co-op campaign mode at the start of Season 2, it has been pushed back to release sometime within Season 2 now. Forge mode is still on track to release in Season 3, which is slated to come out sometime in August of this year, however with the delay on Season 2’s release for this May, don’t be surprised if that’s pushed back as well!

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