PlayStation VR2 Will Launch in 2023 According to Industry Analyst

Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, had some words in regards to PSVR2 and its upcoming release date. The analyst has suggested the new headset will launch next year and will use AMOLED screens.

In a report on the Display Supply Chain website, he claims: “AMOLED will be back, thanks to the launch of Sony’s PlayStation VR2. “We expect these AMOLED panels to have a pixel density well above 800 PPI, which is a record high for mass-produced AMOLED.”

Taking to Twitter to promote the report, Young said, “VR display shipments to rise > 50% to > 15M in 2022 despite delays to 2023 at Apple and Sony.” This could imply that the PSVR 2 was originally intended to launch later this year.

Sony revealed the PlayStation VR2 specs and the hardware’s first game, Horizon Call of the Mountain this past January. Horizon Call of the Mountain is being developed by Guerrilla in partnership with newly acquired PlayStation studio Firesprite with his new entry in the Horizon series is being made specifically for VR. In February Sony released the first images of the upcoming headset and the new PS VR2 controllers.

PlayStation VR2 (image courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Young also gave praise to the quality of the included displays for PSVR2, writing: “With high contrast displays and no visible screen door effect, the PSVR2 is likely to be a hit among gamers.”

Back in January, Young tweeted some specs for the hardware: “Sony PSVR2 will have over 800 PPI resolution per eye with two 2000 x 2040 panels, up from 5.7″ 1920 x 1080 with 386 PPI in the PSVR for both eyes. Big improvement. State of the art direct view OLED resolution.”

Sony hasn’t announced a launch date for PlayStation VR2 so all we can do for now is speculate. When more information becomes available, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date!

Are you planning to purchase PSVR2 when it becomes available? Would you like to see PlayStation VR2 launch this year or would next year be okay? We’d love to hear your thoughts!
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Source: Video Games Chronicle

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