Boss Rush Banter: What Mythologies Need More Representation in Video Games?

Gods and monsters in video games are cool. Games like God of War are famous for their unique depictions of classic mythology, and franchises like Tomb Raider draw inspiration from mythology and lore from cultures long past. Some games, like Okami and Hades, make use of specific gods from cultures all across the world, while others pull inspiration from multiple religions. Today, let’s take a look at some under-utilized mythologies that could make for some awesome video games.

First though, it’s important to make the distinction between mythology and religion. Mythology refers to a collection of myths belonging to a certain culture, while religion refers to specific beliefs and rituals considered to be true practiced by a group of people. While using mythology in games can be fun, mainly due to these being based on stories that aren’t considered true, games based on religions seem to be a bad move for any video game company. So, no thank you on that front.

My first thought here was Egyptian mythology. Egyptian gods have really interesting designs, with most having animal heads and other cool attributes. Many of the beasts from their mythology are very scary and could make for some awesome boss fights. I’d love a God of War set in Egypt, and have Kratos battle it out against these fiersome deities, such as Apep, a giant snake of chaos. We did get Assassin’s Creed Origins in 2017, but even more representation is certainly welcome.

Another mythology that would be interesting is Aztec. The most famous deity from their mythology is Quetzalcoatl, a feathered serpent responsible for all life and death. Aztec mythology hasn’t seen much representation in media, and a game set in the world of the Aztecs dealing with gods and goddesses could be an awesome opportunity for people to experience this new set of stories and culture.

There are countless other mythologies that we haven’t even mentioned that are each deserving of their own video game, whether that’s a stand alone game, or a game connected to franchises like God of War. What are some mythologies you love seeing in video games, and what are some that you’d love to see in future games? Let us know in a comment, or join us on the Boss Rush Discord!

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