What’s New, Nintendo? (Week of 4-18)

Hello again, and welcome to another week of what happened in the world of Nintendo last week, and what’s coming to Switch this next week!

Rumors have been circulating that The Sequel to Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild isn’t running on the Switch hardware, but is running on some sort of upgraded hardware. I’ve definitely done a lot of speculation on the Switch Pro rumors that have been circulating since 2020, but I’m not ready to jump back in just yet. If there is an upgrade, I’m sure that we’ll hear about it before the holidays for pre-orders.

Final Fantasy lovers should be happy about their 35th anniversary coming up. Earlier in the year Square Enix launched their Final Fantasy 35th anniversary website, and now they’re selling t-shirts for each Final Fantasy game, looks like it’s going to have a big year for this milestone!

Lastly, Atlas announced this morning that Shin Megami Tensei V has officially sold over 1 million copies of this game. Although I’m still exhausted from playing this game, I’m so happy to see them reaching such a great milestone! Hopefully this means more SMT down the road for us.

That’s a wrap for news and rumors, now let’s take a look at the upcoming games this week! Oh, and don’t forget to check out our review of The Company Man!

Hey You, What’s New? – Nintendo Pow Block Episode 290

Wednesday, April 20

Thursday, April 21

  • Dragon Caffi – Open world hand drawn puzzle adventure game suitable for all ages. Digital $29.00, launch sale $23.20.
  • MotoGP 22 – Realistic moto bike racing with a story mode and over 70 competitive tracks. Digital $39.99.
  • orbit.industries – Detailed space station building simulator where you have a full 360 degree view from outer space. Digital $19.99, launch sale $17.99.
  • Funny Car Wash – Children’s edutainment game with a lot of cool cleaning action tools, you have to clean a variety of fun cars, trucks, excavators, tractors and other vehicles. Digital $19.99.
  • Deck of Ashes: Complete Edition – In this adventure game with tactical combat, you star as an elven archer Sibyl the Dark Soul joins the cast of antiheroes on their quest for redemption. Digital $24.99.
  • Roguebook – Roguelike deck building game from the creators of Magic: The Gathering. Build a team of two heroes, unleash powerful combos and defeat the legends of the Roguebook! Digital $24.99.

Friday, April 22

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