Boss Rush Banter: What is Your Favorite Part of Your Video Game Set Up?

A few months before the COVID pandemic shut down the world, my wife and I moved into a new house that we remodeled. Fortunately for what was about to occur in March of 2020, our new house had an extra room off of the garage that had previously been used as a playroom for the previous owners. Forced to work from home as we dealt with the impact of the coronavirus, I turned the extra room into my home office/gaming oasis. I got really into collecting video games and particularly video game consoles, and have created a set up that I really enjoy.

Which brings me to the Boss Rush Banter of the day–what is your favorite part of your video game set up?

For me, there are a few things that I love. First, I really love the acrylic controller holders I ordered from Rose Colored Gaming. These holders, made specifically to conform to the size and shape for each controller, are excellently made and really help elevate each console vignette I have in my set up.

Secondly, because I have small kids who like to come in my office and put their hands on anything they can reach, I needed to find something I could put in each section that I wouldn’t mind them playing with. That’s where the recent Mario Kart toys from McDonald’s came in handy. I have eight Nintendo consoles and there were 8 toys, so each section has a different toy that my kids can grab and play with when they come visit me during the day.

Third is my visual database I created using an old iPad, located on top of my set up. Using the photo slideshow mode, I saved the artwork for each game I own and have the iPad shuffle through the images, showcasing all of the games I own. People who come over to play video games can then pick up the iPad and search through a database of games by genre, console, number of players, etc. It took hours and hours of work, but I absolutely love the end result.

What about you? Share a picture of your set up in the comments below or continue the discussion in our Discord and let us know your favorite parts!

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