Boss Rush Banter: Should Nintendo Release a New Mario Super Sluggers?

With the release of Nintendo Switch Sports and the upcoming release of Mario Strikers: Battle League, perhaps it’s time for another Nintendo classic to make its return: Mario Super Sluggers. With two releases in the franchise history, the last appearance of the arcade-style baseball game was on the Nintendo Wii.

Unlike true-to-life sports simulators, Mario Super Sluggers focuses on rapid gameplay and hilarious gimmicks that feel more Mario Kart than MLB The Show. Each player from the Mario universe has its own skill set and gimmicks, and each stadium has wacky quirks that affect the field of play.

Sure, there are plenty of baseball games on the market; but there’s nothing like Mario baseball. Nintendo sports games offer an experience that appeals to a broad range of players while still capturing what makes that sport special. When players complete the story mode in Mario Super Sluggers, they are treated to a special “We love baseball!” message from the developers, complete with musical accompaniment. The game was truly a labor of love.

With the portability of the Nintendo Switch and the improved online play, getting another Mario baseball game would be a dream come true. Imagine getting to play a quick three or five inning game against players from around the world while you ride the train to work. Imagine the potential for online leagues and season-long competitions. The Switch is a game-selling machine, and it seems unlikely a new release in the Mario Super Sluggers franchise would be anything other than a huge success.

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