Boss Rush Banter: How Organized is You Gaming Set-Up?

On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds, I’ve seen “rate my gaming set up”, and the commenters go on a feeding frenzy. Reminding me a little of MTV’s Cribs, many people in the gaming community take pride in organizing and decorating their gaming space. Many are elaborate, colorful, and high-tech, and it made me think of the cluttered mess in my office. So my question to you, dear reader, is how organized is your gaming set up?

There are two levels to consider here: organization so you may be able to locate your games, consoles, and collectables with ease, then there is the all out custom shelving and rainbow-backlighting that takes home decor to a new level.

I’ve seen impressive photos of a PC gamer with three to four combined monitors and another from a collector that organizes their collection by console. Some showcase Amiibo in a perfect line around their room, and some you can’t even see the color of the walls due to the sheer number of posters. Every gamer is different, and I view their set up much like a “man-cave”, but in this case, a “gamer cave”.

However, I’ve seen others poke fun at some of the excessive decor by posting their “rate my set up” of an old CRT television on a food cart and empty beer bottles lying around. There’s a case to be made of spending less time making things pretty and playing video games! There really isn’t no right answer.

Nowadays, I don’t have much time to game, and with a child and working from home, I have to be practical about my space. My office is a hybrid work-and-play space. I had repurposed some furniture to maximize space, but it left a lot of my gaming memorabilia crammed and out of sight. I recently purchased a humble Head Set and Game organizer that sits next to my PS5, Xbox Series X, and Switch OLED. In addition to that, I rearranged my shelves so I can proudly display my amiibo, art books, and other collectables.

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