Boss Rush Banter: Who Stole the Show at Sony’s State of Play?

Many Sony fans tuned into the June 2nd State of Play, the first of many summer showcases of 2022. The general consensus viewed it as a success due to the variety of games shown in a generous range of release dates. Sony came and delivered with titles that appealed to several audiences. There were remakes, indies, and VR games.

While showcases like the State of Play are not a competition, there’s usually a publisher or game that shines above the rest–someone or something that has gamers talking for days, even weeks, after the event has ended. So, who stole the spotlight at Sony’s latest State of Play?

For me, it hands down was Capcom. They had several astounding entries, and the remake of Resident Evil 4 opened the showcase. With what appears to be a total make over, one of the more popular Resident Evil titles will drop March 24, 2023. Capcom’s Resident Evil Village is also in production for VR2. Finally, a trailer for the latest installment of the Street Fighter franchise, Street Fighter 6 premiered. There were many surprises–from updated character models, new fighters, and a story mode. With a fresh coat of (colorful) paint and head-boppin’ music, this title is sure to sell millions.

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I feel Capcom shined in this State of Play with several heavyweight titles releasing in the future; however, I surely don’t want to discount the long awaited Final Fantasy XVI trailer and Stray release date reveal as well.

Who do you think had the most successful showing at Sony’s June State of Play? Tell us what you are excited for on our Boss Rush Facebook Group or our Boss Rush Discord.

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