Necromancer Class Confirmed for 2023’s Diablo IV

At the Xbox and Bethesda showcase on Sunday, June 12th, fans saw in-depth footage of the fifth and final class available for the up and coming Diablo IV game: the Necromancer. The Necromancer will join the Barbarian, Rogue, Druid, and Sorceress.

During the presentation, general manager of the franchise at Blizzard, Rod Ferguson, stated that Diablo IV is the “…culmination of the 25-year history of the franchise…”. After his quick speech, gameplay footage was revealed on the Xbox Series X platform.

Throughout the gameplay, we learn about this non-linear, open world format boasting approximately 150 dungeons. They shared examples of random events and bosses that appear in the over world as well. PVP, couch co-op, and crossplay will be available–yes, if you have an Xbox, but your friend has a PC, no problem!

Trailer courtesy of Gamespot

The developers promise a strong end game and reassures players that Diablo IV will be supported “for years to come”. This title has been in production for several years, and fans of the franchise can finally play Diablo IV sometimes in 2023 on Xbox consoles and PC.

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Sources: Diablo, Gamespot

Image Source: Diablo

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