Xbox and Bethesda Showcase: Forza Motorsport is Back

Dan Greenwalt, GM of Forza Motorsport, and Chris Esaki, creative director of Turn 10 Studios, introduced the return of Forza Motorsport at the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase on June 12th, 2022. This iteration has been “built from the ground up” in order to best utilize the technology available on the next gen hardware, including real-time ray tracing.

They shared several minutes of in-engine demo while narrating several astounding updates, and the graphics couldn’t be more gorgeous. The gameplay showed cars racing through Maple Valley. Various improvements to Forza Motorsport included: fully dynamic time-of-day, 48x improvement in fidelity to physics simulation, enhanced realism to the environment, and even meticulous detail to scratches obtained from accidents on the track. Dan added that the new Forza Motorsports also will include tire and fuel management–something fans have asked for for quite some time.

Trailer courtesy of Xbox

Forza Motorsport will drop sometime in Spring 2023 on Xbox Game Pass, PC, and the Cloud.

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