Boss Rush Banter: What Would You Like to See in the Next Nintendo Direct?

With fans expecting a Nintendo Direct soon and rumors on the rise, what are your expectations if we get a Nintendo showcase this month? Let’s go over some possibilities and predictions.

The NSO Expansion has been feeding us the line ups from last year’s showcase along with some extra Sega games that weren’t listed. It seems Nintendo is always full of surprises which makes Nintendo Directs feel so fun and satisfying. The only game from the NSO Expansion line-up we’re still waiting on is Pokémon Snap, which I believe will be announced on Twitter before October. So, what are some other possibilities for NSO and Expansion subscriptions that could be announced in the next upcoming direct? Nintendo has been adding old and new DLCs for the NSO Expansion like Splatoon 2 DLC, Animal Crossing DLC, and Mario Kart 8 Booster Courses. Maybe this showcase will give us the next wave of Mario Kart Booster Courses, or if Breath of the Wild is mentioned during the showcase, we can get the BOTW expansion added to the NSO Expansion plan. There is also speculation we may get a new console added to both NSO services–possibly Gameboy for basic plan and GameBoy Advanced for the Expansion plan. This would be such an exciting addition that would be very welcomed to the NSO service by Nintendo fans. Give us some more older Zelda games, please! Although we may not see the next lineup of games for N64 and Sega in this direct, I believe we will see something in the following direct since Pokemon Snap is our last promised game. There is still a possibility to get a glimpse sooner than later! Regardless, I am very hopeful Nintendo is going to do something to keep the NSO and Expansion subscribers excited.

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Let’s address these Direct rumors first with how they often mention Zelda. Around every recent showcase, we hear a lot of Zelda rumors, and us fans will take any Zelda content right now. If we don’t get a Breath of the Wild sequel trailer or more news, we will most likely get nothing or something else to hold fans over a little longer. So if that’s the case, maybe we get the Zelda Gameboy and Gameboy Advance titles added to NSO or some 2D Zelda remakes like Minish Cap or Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Season that would get Zelda fans howling like pack of Wolfos. There is also the Windwaker/ Twilight Princess HD Collection rumor that’s been spreading around for about a year, and maybe this is the time we will see our dreams come true. Sales numbers rise when WiiU games come to the Nintendo Switch, so what’s the hold up?

There is also the new Donkey Kong game rumor where there may be a 2D or 3D game that Nintendo is saving for an upcoming Direct. How exciting would that be? Another big rumor twirling around is Metroid Prime 4 news or a remake/remaster of one of the trilogy Prime games. I feel at this point, a full on trilogy remaster isn’t happening because Nintendo can sell each game individually and make more profit and see how the first game goes before releasing the rest. Either way, a new Metroid or Donkey Kong game would really make for a wholesome Direct!

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Nintendo could also showcase some games coming out soon to resurface their attention. Games like Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, Splatoon 3 and Bayonetta 3. This is a good way to add more hype to these games and show off more content to the audience. We have to expect some sort of new trailer for a game that’s already known to come out soon, and I believe Splatoon 3 has the biggest chance to show us what’s new. I would love to see more from Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope and get an actual release date.

What games are you hoping to see in the next Direct? Let us know in the comments below or join us for a chat in the Boss Rush Discord!

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