Boss Rush Banter: Do You “Churn” Through Streaming Services?

Churn: An old word with a new, buzzy connotation. It’s the process of activating and cancelling content services as we finish some shows on our list and wait for others to drop.

Cord cutting traditional cable ushered in a new era. To me, the defining feature of cord cutting is the absence of contracts. Thankfully, the need to commit to no less than a year (often three years, in order to get the advertised price) with your local cable company is gone. In its place, though, is the need to hunt down your shows and movies across multiple streaming apps. And when you factor in family profiles and account sharing, things can quickly get complicated. Enter, the churn.

When done efficiently, churning your subscriptions will easily save you money over cable. But if you’re apt to let a streamer continue to draw payment when you’re not using it, you may be pointlessly burning money. The biggest offender in my stable: Apple TV. At its $7 USD monthly price, it continually squeaks by, even though I’m basically waiting for season 3 of Ted Lasso. On the other hand, I’m diligent about cancelling Hulu during the network TV off season. If I crunch the numbers, I’m still saving about $50 a month over traditional cable. However, if I strategized better churn, I would most likely keep at least $10 more each billing cycle.

What about you? Do you churn through streaming services? If so, which shows will trigger a reactivation? If not, are you still saving money over cable? Tell us your strategy down in the comments or over at the Boss Rush Discord?

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