Catch up on Stranger Things Before Part 2 Releases Tomorrow

Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 is coming July 1st (tomorrow!) to Netflix and consists of two episodes to finish the season. Part 1 has been a non stop thrill ride that kept my eyes blinking to a minimum. There is something sinister every time we hear Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” song frequently in season 4. The song has even become top 10 on the U.S Charts.

Spoiler Alert!

This next section is for an audience that has already finished season 4 part 1, turn back now before things get spoiler heavy.

After the major cliffhanger that left my hair standing tall, a new teaser trailer has been released with some more depth on where things lie with Steve (Joe Keery) and Nancy (Natalia Dyer). A quick recap, just when Steve and Nancy are about to escape the upside down, Nancy gets taken by Vecna (Jamie Bower) and has dark memories where she sees her friend Barbara (Shannon Purser) dying. She manages to get into Vecna’s memories to find out he is Victor Creel’s (Robert Englund) son. During all this Steve is next to her in the upside down trying to wake her from Vecna’s trance which is almost like a psychic possession he uses to kill his victims. So we’re left on this cliffhanger wondering if Steve and Nancy will make it out of upside down alive. After the trailer there is further speculation they both are alive but still in the upside down, or maybe escape and revert to the upside down later.

During the NBA finals another trailer for the finale was revealed!

Let’s speculate on some things, Eddie (Joseph Quinn) looks strapped up and ready to battle and in another clip you’ll notice Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) is in the same style gear and screaming looking distraught! Maybe Vecna has Eddie or someone they’re fighting for. Another scene shows Nancy in what looks to be Hawkins Lab alongside Vecna, which brings me to the next scene of Jonathon (Charlie Heaton) and Will (Noah Schnapp) hugging each other. Could this have something to do with Jonathon’s girlfriend Nancy? Max (Sadie Sink) is facing Vecna’s creepy hand but she looks calm. Maybe they are using her as bait? These trailers have my mind spiraling out of control and I absolutely can’t wait! This Season Finale is looking very intense and the excitement and hype is really high right now!

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