Fable Finds A New Narrative Lead

Fable (Image courtesy and © Xbox Game Studios)

If you’ve been keeping track of all of the developments at studio Playground Games, you’ll be excited for the news that Anna Megill, a writer for games Control and Dishonored, who had joined Playground Games as a lead writer in 2021 has now taken charge of the project as narrative lead for Fable.

Megill took to Twitter to announce the “exciting news” regarding the promotion and fans responded in kind with many offerings of congratulations. One fan mentioned to Megill, “I thought you already were” with Megill responding that “That’s because I was the lead writer. Narrative encompasses more than writing.”

Bringing years of industry experience to the team, Megill joined the ranks with another notable figure working on the Fable reboot. Pawel Kapala, who has previously worked on Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher joined the game’s combat design team as principal gameplay designer back in August 2021.

Speaking on Fable back when she was brought to the team, Anna had this to say: “Fable holds a special place in my heart. It came out the year I started in gamedev, and it’s the first game I played with a developer’s eye. I loved understanding the how and why of my story choices and seeing the impact I had on the NPCs around me. But even so, I wasn’t sure this new Fable was right for me. I was like ‘Is this going to be just a bunch of medieval fart jokes?’ But the team’s story vision reassured and excited me. It’s a PERFECT fit. I can’t wait to get started!”

The news about this development update follows recent concerns raised about the Fable team potentially reiterating the scoping of the whole project with which the team claims there’s nothing to worry about, and everything is going fine. Playground Games is currently gearing up for the release of the Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels expansion, which arrives on July 19th.

Are you excited for the upcoming release of Fable? What are your impressions about this latest news for Anna Megill and PlayGround Games?

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(Feature Image: Fable courtesy and © Xbox Game Studios)

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