Bayonetta 3 Trailer and Release Date Revealed by Nintendo Tweet

After long-standing silence about another heavy-hitting IP, Nintendo released a Tweet at 9 AM EST on July 13th that Bayonetta 3 will release October 28th, 2022. In addition to the release date, they provided a new trailer for gamers to sink their teeth into–featuring ferocious Homunculi and a new character named Viola:

Video courtesy of Nintendo (via IGN).

On the Nintendo of Europe Twitter page, we also see a Trinity Masquerade Edition, featuring a 200-page artbook.

Pre-orders are now available for Bayonetta 3, so hop to it!

October is stacked with releases. Will you be playing Bayonetta 3? Please share your thoughts with us on our Boss Rush Facebook Group or our Boss Rush Discord.

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Source: Nintendo of America, Nintendo of Europe

Featured Image Source: Nintendo

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