Boss Rush Banter: Should Nintendo Allow Certain Publishers onto Their Next Console?

Corey and I once had a discussion about support on Nintendo Switch recently. We discussed a variety of publishers’ games released on previous consoles and handhelds and how over time, some third party support came and went. Even though the current Nintendo Switch is climbing the charts and various titles have seen great digital and physical sales, some publishers still have that same “wait and see” approach before porting their game over. We dug deep into the conversation and let’s just say, it was a healthy conversation to have–should Nintendo only allow certain publishers on their next console?

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow. Image courtesy of Konami

In my opinion, yes. I think it’s time to cut some of them off and stop using the “we have a good relationship” line to hide themselves from the negative feedback. We already know, even after five years into the Switch’s lifespan, where our money will go. If the game looks and works well on the Switch, Nintendo fans are likely to support it on their preferred platform.

I understand that not every game needs to be on the Switch. I also understand there’s a risk and reward for third party publishers to port to that system. Not all of us are asking for particular games, and I know some are just impossible. For a lot of us, we prefer a new IP, graphic style, sometimes something stylish, meaningful, wacky, or something that makes us realize the potential these developers really have that speaks to the Nintendo community.

Hades. Image courtesy of Supergiant Games

For their next console though, I feel like Nintendo should only allow publishers who will truly support their platform and not the ones who treat it like an afterthought. I understand that a lot of experiences would be missed, but if we weren’t getting them now from certain publishers, what makes us think we’ll get them on the next platform? Nintendo can deliver the power that is needed to make better and bigger games, and honestly, I still think only a handful would take advantage and bring us worlds that are new, artistic, and beautiful with whatever engine they are using.

Nintendo likely wouldn’t exclude publishers for the above reason. They will continue with their business model–including allowing companies to bring whatever they want to their console. We know that development and porting costs money and time. I feel that games that seemed impossible, became possible and done well enough that even the big publishers recognize that their ported games sold well, received great feedback, and seen player reactions. Knowing that, if more hesitant publishers were to take the time and care for developing ports onto the Switch, they would want to support Nintendo more. This would make their “we have a good relationship” line actually have meaning. 

Sonic Generations. Image courtesy of Sega

If certain publishers don’t feel it’s worth the time and effort to port their game to Switch, or if they hold on to that wait-and-see approach, then I say keep their business on other platforms and leave those who are truly supporting Nintendo to receive the benefits from amazing and surprising titles. I don’t think they’ll lose out on anything. Guess we’ll just have to wait for Nintendo’s next console. 

Do you think Nintendo should be selective over which publishers they will allow on their next platform? Should third party support be a factor in Nintendo’s decision making?

Let us know in the comment section or on our Discord.

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